Generation Free Youth Advisory Board


The Generation FREE Youth Advisory Board is comprised of  high school students across the state of Mississippi. The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is to guide Generation FREE along a path that keeps its brand and messaging appealing to Mississippi youth. The board is also responsible for planning and executing all 10 youth conferences for 3,000 Mississippi youth from grades 7-12. For their efforts, each board member can earn up to a $1,000 dollar scholarship per year of service.

Ready to Take the Pledge?

As part of the Generation FREE movement, it is my responsibility to help my peers understand how they can reach their goals and realize their dreams. I know that tobacco kills nearly 4,700 people in Mississippi every single year, and the tobacco industry wants young people like me to replace all of the people who die from using their products every year. That's why I pledge to be tobacco free and help my peers and others in my community understand the dangers of all tobacco products.


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